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Welcome to Champions for Children,

A child advocacy organization.

We are a non-profit organization located in the Cleveland County district. Our objectives are to raise community awareness of child abuse and neglect and assist in recruitment of new guardian ad litem volunteers. We provide supports to meet critical needs of children in foster care such as clothing, hygiene supplies, gifts, etc. We also provided scholarships to summer camps as well as assistance for foster children to participate in sports programs and school field trips.


Each year dozens of Cleveland County’s children are removed from their homes and placed under DSS custody as the result of abuse or neglect. Each child is assigned a volunteer advocate called a Guardian ad Litem (GAL). These children often have many unmet needs, such as clothes, shoes, and fees for school related activities. We help to provide hope and a sense of normalcy in their disrupted lives. 

Our Mission is to raise community awareness about the issue of child abuse and neglect in Cleveland County, by way of, supporting children in foster care, promoting the Guardian ad Litem Program, assisting with volunteer recruitment, and supporting the work of the Guardian ad Litem volunteers. 

Board of Directors


Kim Hunt


Bea Lutz
Vice President


Marie Jackson


Catherine Tedder

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